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SIA “JP sound & light” was founded in 2005 to provide the entertainment industry a diverse technical and musical support.

We offer:

*technical support and project development of all types of events – banquets, seminars, fashion shows, sports games, performances, concerts, exhibitions, weddings, home celebrations, etc.

*equipment rental

*equipment sales, installation and installation project realization

*DJ and VJ services

*non-standard design catwalk, podium production

*advertising panels,baners strengthening structures

The company’s team works professionals with many years of technical and musical experience, together with new enterprising, imaginative future professionals with the company are given the opportunity to develop themselves and their talents.

We are characterized by professionalism, accuracy, and high responsibility.

We make your dreams come true on the measure.

SIA ” JP sound & light”

Jānis Puķītis